Our Water Habitat Project:

Local to Global Environmental Education

This website tells the story of how we study a water habitat at our City of Pullman Sunnyside Park near our school and how we learn about water habitats around the world.

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A Look At Photo Journals

Writing About Water Habitats

Water Habitat Quilt

First Meeting With Mr.Alan Davis

Response to Pond Floods

Observation of the Great Blue Heron

Presentation to City of Pullman

Pond Birds

Pond Trees and Shrubs

Water Habitat I*EARN Conference Keynote Address

Photo Journal August 1999

Pond Email from Ms. Widman August 2000

Second Meeting With Mr.Alan Davis and Mr. Fetter

Research on Plantings for New Island

Planting Grass Seeds Photo Journal October 1999

Pond Photo Journal November 1999

Pond Photo Journal January 2000

Pond Journal March 2000

Pond Journal May 2000

Studying Pond Macroinvertebrates

YouthCan Workshop Presentation Spring 2000

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Our Pond Story Video

4th of July Recognition from the City of Pullman

Pond Photo Journal September 2000

Pond Photo Journal November 2000

Pond Photo Journal January 2001

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Sunnyside children have studied the pond habitats at the park since 1993.

We make science observations of the pond. We observe the water, trees, plants, wildlife, weather, and changes in the habitat. We take water temperature and pH readings at the pond. We use our digital camera to take pictures of the pond habitat.

Then we come back to our classroom to write about the pond. We make photo journals with digital images about our field trip.

We write and send email to children in other schools on the I*EARN network. to tell them about our pond. They send us email about their water habitats. We learn about oceans, ponds, lakes, and rivers from other schools around the world .

We do artwork and drawings baout the pond habitat.

Sometimes we take video tape of the pond habitat. We are making a video about the water habitat.

There are two ponds at the park. The bigger pond has an island that is a nesting place for mallard ducks.

There is a waterfall at the big pond.

There is a little pond without an island.

Water is pumped from the little pond to a pool above a waterfall. The water spills from the pool down to the big pond. This makes the waterfall.

There is a spillway from the big pond to a stream that goes down to the little pond. This is the pond water cycle!

Since 1993, there have been many changes in the pond habitat.

1. The island was getting smaller.

2. There were fewer and fewer ducks and the Canada Geese stopped coming.

3. The black swans that used to be at the pond died.

4. The pond water was dirty.

5. There were lots and lots of goldfish because people put their pet goldfish in the ponds. The ponds got crowded with goldfish!

In 1994-95, Mrs. Rennebohm Franz's class started meeting with Mr. Davis who is the supervisor for all the city parks in Pullman. The class shares observations of changes in the pond water habitat with Mr. Davis and asks him questions about why the changes are happening.

Mr. Davis likes that the class cares about the ponds. He has asked the class to help him take care of them.

In May, 1998, the class made a presentation to the City of Pullman asking them to restore the island so it would be a better nesting site for ducks and Canada Geese.

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