Learning World Languages and World Geography:

Globe Map Center and Around the World Lunch Count Languages

Our Maps and Globes

As part of doing projects with iEARN schools from around the world, we are learning world languages and studying world geography.

We have many maps, atlases and globes in our classroom in our Globe Map Center. Every morning two classmates go to the Globe Map Center to read the atlas books and use the maps/globes to locate the places around the world where our iEARN friends live.We use the maps, globes and atlases to find the countries of our lunch count languages.

Every morning, we do our lunch count to find out which classmates are having school lunch and which classmates are have borught their lunch from home. We say our lunch count in different languages from around the world. Some of the languages are from the countries of families of children who have been in our classroom. Other languages are from the countries of visitors to our classroom. Some of the languages are from countries of our iEARN friends.

We use phonetic sound spellings to say the lunch count words for "School" and "Home".

Here are the langauges we use and the sound spellings for school and home in those languages:

Danish: school "skulen" home "yemma"

Norwegian: school "skolen" home "hus"

Finnish: school "koulu" home "koti"

Icelandic: school "skoalee" home "hayma"

German: school "dee shooluh" home "das haus"

Czech: school " skola" home "domov"

Bulgarian: school "oocheelishday" home "kushdah"

Frech: school "ecole" home "maison"

Italian: school "escuela" home "caza"

Greek: school "skuleeo" home "speetee"

Spanish: school "escuela" home "casa"

South American/Tirio: school " skoru" home "pahtah"

English: "school" "home"

Hawaiin: school "kula" home " homay"

Cantonese: school "hawk-how" home "ga"

Japanese: school "gawk-ko" home "oo-chee"

Hindi: school "vidyala" home "ga"

Namibian/Otjiherero: school "oskole" home "kongondu"

Swaziland/siSwati: school "skolwayknee" home "indoolah"

Farsi: school "madresseh" home "khaneh"

Urdu: school "madressay home "ghar"

Telugu: school "patasala" home "gruhamu"


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