Our Spanish Lessons

We have Spanish lessons each week with our Spanish teacher.

She gave each of us a Spanish name for us to use during Spanish lessons.

She helps us read our daily Helper Chart assignments in Spanish. We do our Helper Chart assignments in pairs.

Helper Chart Assignments

Globe Map Center: el centro del mapo

Pledge Leaders/Peacemakers: Iris de Paz

Lunch Counters: los contadores

Calendar Keepers: los guardianos

Train Engineers: los maquinistas del tren

Train Cabooses: los vagones de cola

Classroom Caretakers: los guardianos de la clase

Email Website Readers: el citio web

Lucky Flipper Caretaker: los guardianos del pez

Storytime River Otters: las nutrias del rio

Storytime Sea Life: la vida marina

Storytime Ladybugs: las mariquitas

Our Spanish Teacher helps us do our daily lunch count in Spanish.

One clasmate reads our Spanish names and classmates answer either "escuela" for school lunch or "casa" for lunch from home. Another classmate makes tally marks on the whiteboard to keep track of the lunch count and counts the tally marks for "escuela" and "casa" using Spanish words for numbers.

We are learning to speakand write in Spanish. Here are some of the words we are leanring:

hola(hello) adios(goodbye) me llamo... (my name is...) uno(one) dos(two) tres(three) cuatro(four) cinco(five) seis(six) siete(seven) ocho(eight) nueve(nine) diez(ten)


We learn to read books in Spanish. Here is one of the books that we are learning to read that was written by students that were in our classroom in 1998-99. That class of students wrote this book in Spanish and English to send to their friends in Nicaragua as part of the Peace Corps World Wise Schools Partnership Project.

Wonderful Things About Families

Spanish and English Book

We can use our Spanish to send email to iEARN friends.We did this when we did the did the Puerto Rico Comfort Quilt Project.


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