Our Pond Photo Journal

August 27, 1999

This was our first class trip to the pond after the island had been restored by the City of Pullman.



This is the first picture we took at the pond.

You can see the new Sunnyside Pond island!

It is in the big pond at the island.

There is also a little pond nearby.

You can see the willow tree on the right end of the island.

You can see the red osier dogwood on the left end of the island.

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This is another picture of the new island!

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Our class is looking at the new island.

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Female mallard ducks were swimming near the island.

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There is gravel at the edge of the big pond.

This helps save the shore from being eroded.

They are also going to put big rocks around the edge of the new island so its shore won't erode.

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The ducks were swimming in the big pond.

There were about 40 mallard ducks and they were all females.

It was exciting to see so many ducks.

It made us smile!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

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There is a waterfall at the edge of the big pond.

We had fun watching the water go down the rocks.

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This is the pool of water above the waterfall.

Water is pumped from the little pond to this pool.

When the pool fills with water, the water spills over the waterfall.

When the nib pond gets full of water, the water goes over a spillway into the stream and back to the little pond.

Then it is pumped back up to the pool above the waterfall.

This is the pond water cycle.

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This is the place where the water spills over the rocks from the pool,

down the waterfall,

and into the big pond.

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This is the spillway where the water from the big pond falls into a stream that connects to the little pond.

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This is the stream that connects the big pond to the little pond.

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This is a close up picture of the stream.

You can see water tumbling over the rocks.

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This is where the stream goes into the little pond.

The water is clean and clear.

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There are clumps of grass growing in the shallow water of the little pond.

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In this picture there is a turtle swimming under water in the small pond.

We saw the turtle put its head above the water to get air.

Then it went back under water.

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We saw a water strider on top of the small pond.

We have never seen water striders at the pond before!

Maybe this water strider likes the cleaner pond.

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We saw this sign at the big pond.

We are going to design signs for the pond that ask people not to put their pet goldfish or pet turtles in the ponds.

This will help keep the ponds from getting over populated with goldfish and turtles.

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There was a city truck at the pond.

It dumped dirt where the grass needed to be fixed.

The grass needed to be fixed because when they rebuilt the island, they had big equipment that damaged the grass by the big pond.

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A person from the city was spreading the dirt.

Then we will help the city plant new grass seed.

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The city trimmed the willow tree on the island and the willow trees around the shore of the pond.

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The class saw a nest up in the willow tree.

We could hear lots of blackbirds singing in the trees.

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It was great to see the new island.

It was great to see the clean water.

It was great to see so many ducks.

We think the ducks have returned because the water is clean and because they like the new island!


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