Caring Artwork from Sunnyside School


This is a picture of my sister's cat and me. My sister's cat was bitten by another cat during our Spring vacation. The cat's bite got infected. So, my dad, mom, sister and I gave her medicine and a hotpack and put ointment on her. I care about my sister's cat because she warms my feet when I am sleeping. I put medicine on my sister's cat because I want her to get better. By a First Grader
The people in this picture are friends. they are having fun at the park. One is eating pork chops and one is eating pizza. They are also liking to play basketball, their favorite sport. One is wearing a red shirt and one is wearing a green shirt. They love to play at the park. They are really good friends. They are caring to teach new games to each other. They both like grapes. They always have fun. They care about having fun together. By a Second Grader
This person is pushing a wheelchair girl because she can't walk very well. The wheelchair girl is happy because the person is nice to her. The person is taking her to her classroom. They go to the same classes. The person cares a lot about her friend. They are very best friends. They go to Sunnyside Elementary School. They play a lot together. By a First Grader
I am caring about the earth because I pick up garbage off the ground. I also care about people because I help them when they need it. I care about how the Earth looks and everybody should too. By a Second Grader
This is my room at my house. I play in my room. Sometimes, when I'm playing, someone knocks on the door. I go and open it. I see my little sister. She wants to play in my room and I let her in. Then she wants to play with me and I say, "Yes." I say,"What do you want to play?" She says,"I want to play in a tent made out of your bed." I make the tent for her. I use blankets. She plays in the tent. She tells me, "Thank you." I care about making something for my sister. By a First grader
Me and my friend are holding hands Ana hot summer day. In the picture there is a robin caring for eggs. This picture shows that me and my friend care for each other. We play games and share the toys or ball for the game. When we have milk and cookies, we care for each other and make sure each one has the same amount of cookies. By a Second Grader
I care about my fish in this picture because I'm feeding them. They are my favorite fish. When my fish are hungry, they eat very fast. My fish nibble my finger when I put my finger in the bowl because they think it is food. By a Second Grader
In my painting, my Mom and I are walking outside. It is hot and a sunny day. We are walking to the park. We are going to swing on the swings and have a picnic. I like going to the park with my Mom because it is fun. My Mom and I are caring people. By a First Grader
I'm caring about my Mom in this picture. I'm giving my Mom flowers in the picture. I like it when my Mom takes care of me and I sometimes take care of her. I like it when I help her make my birthday cake. By a Second Grader
My family cares about the earth. This is my family. We are picking up trash in the park because people are throwing trash on the ground and that is bad for the earth. There is lots of junk all over the park. I love my family. I love my dog, my cat, my fish, and my two birds. A like my friends. It is caring to like people. by a Second Grader
This is me picking up some garbage. This is a good way to show my sense of caring. I am picking up garbage to make the world a better place. It's important to pick up garbage so the world will stay clean. By a First Grader
Loving my family is caring. I love my Mom. My Mom loves me. We are hugging under the evergreen tree. I love my Dad. I love my brother. I love my baby sister. I love my sister. I love my whole family. I especially love my Grandpa because he plays the accordion. By a Second Grader
I am on the playground and me and my friends are playing flyup. One of my friends didn't get a turn to throw the ball. So, I gave him the ball every time until he was happy. He got the ball a few times and so did I. Once when I got the ball I got to be "up". But my friend never got to be up so I gave him a chance to be "up" with me. We took turns kicking the ball.. This is caring. By a First Grader
This picture is caring because it shows someone sharing. When you share with someone else, it means you are nice because you are giving something they don't have or can't afford. By a First Grader
I care about my friends. By A Second Grader
I care about my cat because everyday I check and see if it has food and water. If it doesn't have food and water I fill the bowls. My cat's name is Cuddles because she cuddles a lot. This picture is about me petting my cat while she stands on the table. When she purrs, she sounds like a manicure motorcycle. When I feel her throat it vibrates. She is very soft. She has a sister named Smokey. Smokey is my brother's kitten. She is sleek. They like to cuddle together. Everyday, Cuddles comes to my bed in the morning and starts purring and wakes me up. I care about my cat and I care about my family. By a Second Grader
I care about my fish. I feed my fish. By a Second Grader
This picture is one classmate helping me do quilt math. I'm writing about quilt math. My classmates care about me. We care about doing quilt math writing. I love my family. I like my friends. I like my cousins a lot. I care about my family. By a First Grader
In this picture, I am pushing my sister on the swing. She likes it. I love my sister because she takes me places and because she takes care of me. Sometimes I help my sister back jamberry pies and I help her brush the dog. I love my sister very much. By a Second Grader Grad
In this picture, I am caring about my friend when he falls down. We play football at school on the playground. When we play soccer I care about him when he trips. When we play sports and do other stuff, I give him directions when he doesn't know where to go. By a First Grader
In my picture one person is giving free apples. The other person is getting the apples. Where they got the apples is from the apple tree. It has been very rainy but now it is sunny in the picture. It is a caring because people might not have enough money to but apples. Some caring things are helping people up, giving flowers to people, helping people with what they need, and not fighting. First Grader
This is a hospital car and the hospital car is going to the hospital because someone is hurt. This is what I drew for my picture because I care about the person in the hospital car. I hope this person feels better and lives happily ever after. By a First Grader
I think my Mom and Dad are caring. I will tell you a list of what they do. They wash dishes. They get food. They clean the living room. They take out the garbage. They set the table and make us food. They take me to the store, restaurants, and my friend's house. They take me to Vancouver to visit my family. Most of all, they love me! By a Second Grader
In this picture, there is a Colonial American family in 1770. It is caring because they help each other out at dinner time. The mother makes dinner while the girl brings water from the well. The brother gets firewood and the Dad hunts. They also have a dog that they love and feed. By a Second Grader
What I think is caring is a girl letting another girl play with her. They are having fun. They are best friends and they like that. Amy, the tall girl, is pushing Ellie in her wheelchair. They are playing hopscotch and having fun. They are best friends. They hope they can be best friends forever! They eat apples together. They love to play at school. They are such good friends, they act like sisters. By a First Grader
I am being nice to my friend in this picture. I am being friends. I', helping my friend at playing a game called Uno and we are having fun. And I am a good friend because she is my best friend. I know I am her best friend too. I am 7 years old and she is 46 or 48 years old. My old friend is giving me a picture of me. I hope we can get to know each other better so we can be even better friends and care even more! By a Second Grader


Email Messages from iEARN Schools About our Artwork and Writing


Dear Sunnyside School,

I'd like to write you some news from our school about doing the project. As soon as I have got your writing and artwork I showed them to my students of 1st, 3d, 4th, 5th and even 9th Grade. All of the student are delighted with the works. No wonder! They are extraodinary! Really, one can't help amazing sincerity, liveliness optimism of their drawings and writings.The colors of the drawings are simply fantastic! The students' works can't leave indifferent anyone who had a look at them.

My students were so inspired with the works that decided to draw some more pictures and to write some more essays on the topic. We have composed your students'works and ours into an exhibition and organized a presentation of the project for the teachers of English of our city. Next time we shall send you the photos of this presentation. It was a kind of a workshop, because our guests were supposed to participate actively in the presentation. They answered the students' questions about what caring was; what people should care of; what their impressions about the idea of the project were and so on. It was very interesting for both children and teachers. At the end of the presentation we gave to each student participating in the project, a "Certificate of Achievement' as a reward for and the recognition of their work. I designed the certificate together with the computer teacher of our school.

The children were very happy. We have started writing comments to your students. We are plannning to visit our local ophanage and tell the children there about the project, its ideas and aims and to share our views about sense of caring. We think that it will be in the spirit of the project.

Best wishes to you and your students ,
Valentina Demianova, Teacher



Dear Sunnyside Students and Mrs. Rennebohm Franz, We were very excited to get your message [about the global artwork]. We looked at your website and we loved all of the wonderful pictures of students showing caring. We really liked the video [from Argentina] . We are beginning our writing and pictures of caring. We look forward to sending you are art work and writing soon.
Hope to hear from you soon! From, Angela Schellenberg,Teacher

Here are email messagesthat came later from Mrs. Schellenberg's Students:

Dear Mrs Rennebohm Franz & class, We are learning about
ciring and fairy tails. We live in China. It is hot and raiey.I have 4
people in my family. I have one cat! but it is a little.I'm from America
but we live in China. I'm 6 years old.We liked
the pictures that you send us. And the video that you send us. From, Max

Dear Mrs. Rennebohm Franz & class.
I am fron Korea. I live in Shanghai, China. I am 8 years old and in first grade. I have 7 people in my family. We are thinking of the project about caring. We have thought of visiting an orpanage. We liked your artwork about caring. Please write soon. Your friend, Jonson

Dear Mrs. Rennebohm Franz's Class,
We would like to tell you where we are with our project about caring. First, We had a Teddy Bear Drive. Then we had a bake sale. We earned 921 rmb. We have 215 bears to give to the little children in the Orphanage. Mr. Heney's Class gave us 4000 rmb. Mrs. Schellenberg bought 300
notebooks and pencils for the older kids in the Orphanage. On Friday we will go to the Orphanage! I will play with the children and talk to them. I will give them teddy bears to. I think they will enjoy it! The Orphanage is in Puxi, China. Mrs. Morris and Sarah, Mrs. Schellenberg's sister are coming with us. Sarah just arrived here from the Washington State. She just finished school in Pullman, Washington where Sunnyside School is located. There are about 500 kids in the Orphanage. THere are 200 small kids and 300 big kids. I hope they will like the teddy bears. I enjoy showing caring. From, Crystal Lee


Dear Mrs. Rennebohm Franz's Class, We would like to tell you where we are with our project about caring. First we had a Teddy Bear Drive, then we had a bake sale and we raised 921 rmb. That is Chinese money. It's about $120.00 us dollars. Another teacher in our school named Mr. Heney gave us 4000 rmb and thats a lot of
money. There are 300 big kids and last night our teacher Mrs. Schellenberg went to Metro and bought 300 notebooks and pencils for the big kids. Our teacher helper Mrs. Zang ordered us 140 Winnie The Pooh Teddy Bears and we had 75 bears so we have a total of 215 bears for the
little kids. We are going to the Orphanage on Friday, May 17th which is tomorrow. I hope I can hold the little kids and play with the little kids. I also hope that I can feed the little kids to. I really hope I make a difference in the orphanage and tell them I care about them. Bye! From Olivia


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