Friendship Through Education:
Sunnyside Elementary School
Pullman, Washington, U.S.A.

Schools Outfitting Schools Report
May 24, 2002

Sunnyside Elementary School in Rural Eastern Washington State Raises $2205.89 + $100 matching funds for more than SEVEN Friendship Through Education S.O.S. UNICEF School Kits to provide school supplies for 560+ Children in Afghanistan!!!
...and here’s how they did it...

When the students at Sunnyside Elementary School in Pullman, Washington joined the Friendship Through Education Schools Outfitting Schools effort, they set a goal of raising enough funds to provide school supplies for the same number of children in Afghanistan as there are children at Sunnyside School...that meant getting school supplies for 352 children. They did the math to realize that would take 5 UNICEF kits and, at $300 per kit, they would need to raise $1500.

Sunnyside School set about meeting this goal with leadership from the Student Council along with the first and second graders in the classroom of iEARN teacher, Mrs. Rennebohm Franz and the Principal, Mrs. Watters. Inspiration for starting to raise funds came from the offer of retired iEARN Teacher David Egan to match the first $100 dollars raised by Sunnyside with a contribution of $100 from his family. Coins started arriving at school and soon the first $100 was raised!!


Here's the big jug first and second graders used to collect Sunnyside School's SOS coins!

First and second graders created colorful posters showing all the school supplies that came in each kit and the supplies for teachers that came with each kit. They put the posters of school supplies up in the school front hallway with their writing about the SOS story for everyone to see and learn about the project. They made another set of posters to use in presentations to the school and community organizations. Look below to see their posters!


Mrs. Lancefield’s Third Grade class created coin collection boxes from oatmeal cartons so each class would have a container for the money they were raising.


The Student Council, with mentoring of Fifth Grade Teacher, Mr. Johnson created flyers that went home with each student to tell them and their families about the fund raising project for schools in Afghanistan. At an all-school assembly the student council and Mrs. Rennebohm Franz’s class presented the details of the project to their schoolmates.


The Sunnyside Principal, Mrs. Watters, contacted Pullman community service organizations to schedule presentations about the project by students!
The Student Council officers and students from Mrs. Rennebohm Franz’s class prepared and gave presentations to the local Kiwanis Club and to the local Lion’s Club to ask their support for the project. Each organization decided to sponsor a school kit. Mrs. Rennebohm Franz and her students gave a presentation to the Pullman Kiwanis Club at their monthly luncheon meeting.

As ‘word’ about Sunnyside School’s work for the SOS project traveled in the Pullman community of 25,000 people...coins, dollars and checks started coming into the school to be added to the many coins the Sunnyside children were bringing for SOS! A local technology business, Schweitzer Engineering, raised funds among their employees which were then matched by the founders of the business to provide funds for almost two kits!
The Pullman community is a place with a big is a place where people care about making sure children get excellent school opportunities...for example, every fall a local bank collects crayons, notebooks, pencils, pens, etc. for children in the local schools who don’t have supplies. In the SOS project, the Pullman community showed how they care about making sure children in Afghanistan also are getting the school supplies they need to learn! As the children at Sunnyside brought coins to school for SOS, they inspired the community. As the children saw the response from the community, they became even more inspired to bring more coins. There has been great community support for the efforts of the children at Sunnyside School to make a difference in the world!

The Sunnyside School PTA, knowing how important school supplies are for children to learn, enthusiastically donated to the project. They thought it was very important to support this wonderful opportunity for Sunnyside School students to help others.


As first and second graders counted coins and added up the dollars for the SOS kits, they learned to check and recheck their math. They learned about decimal points between dollars and cents and they have grown in enthusiasm for what’s possible when everyone joins together to help in this project!


First and second graders have used their writing and reading skills to prepare and present reports on the SOS project.


Washington State University College of Education students helped the first and second graders prepare writing and posters for the SOS reports and presentations. A Washington State University student helps three Sunnyside students create a poster list of the teacher supplies that come with each SOS kit.

As the coins keep coming into school, Sunnyside Principal, Mrs. Watters helps a first grader count the many, many, many pennies!


By Tuesday, May 14th, the Sunnyside School not only met their goal of providing 5 school kits for Afghanistan but also raised enough funds to provide a 6th kit and have funds toward a 7th kit!!! Sunnyside Schools has raised over $2100 for SOS! As the coins continue to come in, Sunnyside school students will continue to contribute to SOS. Their hope is that other schools across the country will join Sunnyside School in the journey with to help schoolmates in Afghanistan have school supplies!

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