Seashore Quilt

Seashore Quilt

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

1. We have 3 patches and 2 spacers so far.

2. Our new patch is A. We have only A's in our quilt so far.

3. We have a pattern by rows that goes :[A sp A sp A…] so far. Our number pattern goes: [1, sp,1,sp,1…]

4. We have a pattern that goes [seashore, ocean, seashore, ocean, seashore…] so far.

5. The shell patches go together if you take the spacers out and put the patches together, the shells will be whole. All three patches got cut from one piece of fabric. See the sketch below that shows the three seashore patches put back together as a whole again. The three patches are like puzzle pieces.

6. Our quilt patches are 8"(inches) tall and 5"wide. The spacers are 8" tall and 2" wide.

Our quilt patches are 20cm tall and 13 cm long.

7. Our quilt is 19" wide (5"+ 2"+5"+2"+5"=19") and 8" tall.

8. Our prediction from yesterday, (that we will begin a new row) did not come true.

9. Our quilt looks like a big ocean surrounding an island with two beaches on the sides of the ocean.

10. We have a prediction that the next patch will be B so there won't just be A's in the quilt. B will start a new row on the bottom of the quilt.

11. We have a prediction that there will be a new row, with an A and there will be a long, blue, spacer on the bottom of the first row. We will start a new row because there are 3 in this row and if there are 3 in the second row then they would be equal and we would end the second row on the last day of school.

12. We have a prediction that tomorrow we will start a new row with A, because this would make a 2 x3 quilt. We predict that we will have a spacer before tomorrow's patch because without a spacer first, the patches will be adjacent to each other. (Our rule from our last quilt is that patches of the same fabrics couldn't be adjacent to each other.)

13. All our patches have a pattern of seashells and starfish and dark brown sand. The seashells are bright and colorful and the sand is like dark brown sugar.

14. At least 1 shell is different in each patch and there are pieces of at least 16 shells in each patch.

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